September Box 2022

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Carolina Blue Cigars

Unreleased “CT Broadleaf” (out of stock, will be substituted)

Limited Edition

Toro 52x6

Wrapper: CT Broadleaf

Binder: Nicaraguan

Filler: ometepe, esteli, jalapa

Profile Med +

Notes dark chocolate and coco sweetness with white pepper undertones and a touch of earth.


Vorieo Cigars


Robusto 5x50

Wrapper: Double

Binder: Double

Filler: Dominican Republic

Strength: 3.5 

Smoking Time: 30 Minutes

Tristian Lee Cigars

“Liga Nicaragua #42”

W: Habano

B: Nicaraguan

F: 5 full leaf fillers

Strength: med+

The Liga Nicaragua is an old blend done almost 24 years ago in 1998 for a celebration blend of our 24th anniversary of making cigars in Nicaragua.  In Spanish, the Name would be “Legion of Nicaragua”.  The 42 years also marked the number of years our family has been making premium cigars.   Since 2000, the blend has not been available to the General Public due to the rarity of the proper tobacco. 


 The binder is a special harvest Habano grown tobacco only available from one farm in the Estelí growing area of Nicaragua. The base of the filler is grown in the Jalapa Valley and is available for two different farms with most of this primary tobacco reserved for our limited edition of the fine cigar and the the Viso coming direct from Estelí.  The strength of the cigar is made by the Ligero which comes from the Condega farms at the prime picking time of the tobacco leaves.  We wrap this cigar with a famous Habano leaf which is primed from the very top of the plant. The Liga Nicaragua #42 is composed of 5 different full leaf filler.

Tristian Lee Cigars

“Connecticut #13”

W: Connecticut

B: Habano

F: 5 different full leaves from 4 different farms.

Strength: Mild+

This Connecticut cigar is much smoother & creamer than the previous blends we have ever made.  It took 13 different attempts over a period of 6 months to find the correct formula of this cigar, being one of the best Connecticut blends in Nicaragua.  The name of this fine cigar comes from the original seeds from Connecticut in the United States but is grown at a unique farm for our use in our #13 blend.  The binder is pure Habano to match with the Connecticut wrapper.  The base of the filler is an Habano leaf coming from the same plant as the wrapper.  However, the base comes from a later priming of the tobacco plant.  We continue the filler with a moderate touch of Viso from Jalapa Valley and smother is it with Ligero have being “organico” and the other half from Estelí farms in the area Estelí Valley.


Many tastings have brought about comments of being a wonderful, sweet Connecticut change well worth an evening or morning cigar with coffee and a sweet Bourbon whiskey.

September Box 2022
September Box 2022
September Box 2022