Brand Owners

  • Let us be your virtual Brand Ambassador
  • Reach hundreds of potential new clients
  • Average cigar smoker spends $60-$100 a month on cigars
  • Your cigar along with only 2-3 others will be mailed to our subscribers with the description and information that you provide to us.
  • You can always reach out to have other cigars in your brand featured or the same one (we suggest 8-12 month intervals between repeat cigars)
  • If you have 3 or more sku's, you can request your line be the only one featured in the box that month
  • Gain a lifetime of repeat customers
  • Growing subscriber base weekly, we ship worldwide
  • Most lounges/humidors won’t carry the lesser known brands
  • Most cigar smokers will not differentiate to try a new cigar when visiting a store
  • Most won’t order a single cigar online. They have to buy a box and won’t take the chance on ordering a box of a cigar they don’t know. If they can order a single cigar, the cost of shipping usually isn’t worth it for them.
  • This is a way they can sample your cigar with its information
  • We recommend you add a discount code proprietary to BBCC to track sales we send you 
  • We feature mostly BLACK OWNED CIGAR BRANDS
  • We spotlight “the little guy” giving lesser known brands the recognition they deserve
  • We don’t play favorites. Every cigar is equally featured and promoted with the information you provide. Other services fill their boxes with their own brand and one outside cigar, which you still have to go through them to purchase. Now, that’s not fair.
  • We don’t ask you to pay us to be featured. On the contrary, we offer you a modest fee per cigar. So, you’re getting paid to have your marketing done for you. We know what it’s like to be a small fish in a big pond. This way everyone wins.
  • Your cigars will be stored in a thermoelectric, temperature controlled, cigar warehouse until shipping.
  • We can coordinate your promotions and events with the month your cigar appears in our box.
  • Cigar lounges subscribe to our services and have chosen to carry brands based on our boxes
  • We focus on the cigars!!  Our boxes are for cigar smokers.  We don’t fill them with cookies and candles, this keeps our subscription price low and subscriber base growing.
  • Must have website or phone ordering that customers can use for purchasing. It is recommended that you have discount promotion code capabilities for tracking purposes.
  • Must be  ready for shipping
  • Include name and description  along with, region, filler, binder, wrapper, strength and notes.  (This is what our customers will read about your cigars)
  • Must provide complete cigars within agreed upon timeframe
  • Do Not send your old inventory, these cigars will represent your brand throughout the country
  • Recommended that you send your top-selling cigars first (two sku’s)
  • If you would like to send two different sku’s at once to save shipping costs, we will store them in our warehouse and feature them in separate months
  • Optional to provide high quality photo (cigar only, cigar and owner, or logo) to be featured on our social media
  • Subscribe to our social media pages to see the marketing of your Brand
  • Must have a tobacco products distribution license if required, and abide by all tobacco distribution laws in your state
We will contact you after we receive all requested information to arrange delivery and payment of cigars. Please make sure you can meet all required criteria.