“FENRIR” Family by Loyalty

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Family X Loyalty


Pipe Size - 3.5 x 52

  • Wrapper: Sumatra
  • Binder: Indonesian Sumatra
  • Filler: Cubano 98, Corojo 2006, Nicaragua
  • Strength: Medium to Full

Fenrir, a cigar of remarkable potency and abundant flavor, embodies the essence of boldness, sweetness, and sheer indulgence. It is a creation to be savored, possessing a complexity that is both captivating and masterfully balanced. Fenrir stands as a distinct entity in a league of its own, transcending conventional boundaries. Impeccable in every aspect, from its flawless construction to the refined Sumatra wrapper, the elegant pigtail, and the alluring closed foot, this cigar embodies the epitome of craftsmanship. With a magnificent airflow that ensures a seamless draw and a slow burn that unveils the true essence of the blend, Fenrir exudes an aura of magnificence. Each moment spent indulging in this masterpiece becomes an extraordinary experience, where the senses are enthralled, and the flavors come alive. Fenrir is a testament to the artistry of cigar making, offering an unmatched journey that leaves an indelible mark on the aficionado's palate and memory.