The “Invisible Bully” aka “The Gooch

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Double Maduro (Ligero leaf)

For Aficionados Only


W: Oscuro

B: Corojo

F: Nicaraguan

Why do we call this blend “The Invisible Bully”?  Well just like our favorite childhood character who always got beat down, this “Gooch” will get you and the Tobacco is so strong yet smooth that you’ll never see it coming. 

We commissioned this cigar and after production found a factory that produces tobacco unlike we’ve ever tasted. They pleaded with us to create the blend for this cigar. So, we agreed and what you will get will be unlike anything you’ve experienced. It took a few additional months, but trust us, it was worth it. 
Grab 2 and challenge a friend 

WARNING: In all seriousness. This cigar was specially blended as a dare from an associate,  (who’s been smoking for 30 years) who claimed no cigar could “sit him down”. This one did. Smoke at your own risk. 

The “Invisible Bully” aka “The Gooch
The “Invisible Bully” aka “The Gooch
The “Invisible Bully” aka “The Gooch
The “Invisible Bully” aka “The Gooch