Alex Spencer Reserve "The Mansa Parejo”

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Mansa Parejo

1yr aged

Medium Bodied

The cigars are handmade in Honduras at the Tabacalera G. Kafie y Cia factory.

Body: Rawhide, black tea.
Foot: Black tea, tobacco, and that rawhide.
Cold Draw: Dried fruits, chocolate, red pepper.

Tasting Notes: The first third brings apple pie filling, black tea, dried fruits, dates, nutmeg, soy, and possibly jerky? Baked apple, dried banana, and aged faint cedar, white pepper, and apple. The second third is full of transitions between cherry vanilla, warm dried fruits, cedar, cinnamon, fake cherry gummy flavors, fruit tea, honey sweetness, and molasses. It’s like raspberry tea! The final third brings banana, black pepper, and cedar.

Pairing Notes: Bananas foster. Cognac. Armegnac. Eat  a prune 30 minutes prior. Filet Mignon. Spanish red wines. Root beer. Apple pie. Baked apples. Snapple raspberry tea.

Alex Spencer Reserve "The Mansa Parejo”
Alex Spencer Reserve "The Mansa Parejo”